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"Jessica is one of the nicest people to work with. She works hard and goes the extra mile. In the few years she has been a member of she has been helpful and very supportive to many of the forum members. All of who have said how great she is and the huge trust they have in her."


- Bernadette

"Jessica your assistance, guidance and helpful hints have been and continue to be invaluable in our E2 journey. I could not recommend you highly enough and I would say to anyone even considering going on this journey Jessica is your woman! Don't go to anyone but her if you really want someone who gets you, won't take advantage of your complete lack of knowledge and will hold your hand until you land (and even after if you yell for help lol). We really could not have chosen anyone better to help us realize our dream!"


- Lisa

"We...used a wonderful business broker named Jessica Hadler Baines who was helpful in helping us discover the business that would take us to the US. Our destination was always Florida and we have since found our business in Daytona Beach, FL."

- Andrew

"We had met Jessica on a previous trip to Florida so we knew who our business broker was going to be and having read some many positive things about Peter, Bernadette and Julie on the forum we decided to go ahead and retain their services too; have to say we made great choices!Jess has been an absolute trooper in searching for something that suits our family and has worked really hard to make sure that we got a deal that will, we hope, work for us... Having now been through the process, we are extremely glad that we did some research beforehand and had the help of a good business broker and visa consultants, particularly when things don't go so smoothly, because we've found its a pretty steep learning curve and we were personally glad to be able to pick up the phone or send an email if needed."

- Sue

"After browsing the forum, it was clear people spoke highly of Jessica (broker) so I contacted her and the process of finding a business started. Jess is excellent, from our experience, I honestly don't think there will be a better broker in Florida as she made it clear from the start she didn't want to find us any business, she wanted to find the business which would be right for my family (I have a wife and 10 month old son)...Once the business had been chosen Jess arranged conference calls with the seller so we could find out exactly why it was for sale and to answer any questions we may have had. The business we went for wasn't even advertised online, it was because of Jess's reputation someone contacted her about a sale, again this goes to show how good she is at her job and things like this gave my family confidence in moving forward. After deciding this was the right business for us (we bought a pool business based near Dr Phillips in Orlando) Jess recommended an accountant who could ensure all the facts and figures were correct, someone again who was thoroughly professional – so much so we are now using them to help with our taxes once we arrive in Florida. Jess also got the contract to state the sale was based on us being granted an E2 visa meaning if we didn't get it, we would get our money back. Once a price had been agreed, that's when the fun started… not literally though as there are so many hoops to jump through for the embassy to ensure our application was perfect I could have cried (again not literally, just very frustrating). that being said, Peter and Julie were brilliant and without their help, I doubt we would have even made it to be in the position of moving to America, let alone have received an E2 visa. Jess again was a huge help as she signed for things in America which we couldn't physically do, she really did go above and beyond what I expected of her."

- Johnathan

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